My virtual bachelor mansion


Okay, I admit it. I enjoyed this season of The Bachelor and now getting into the Bachelorette. I tell myself that this is an ultimate social experiment! So one thought led to another and I’d like to share. Is real life the same? If you are an online dater – do you have a virtual mansion?

What I love about the Bachelor programs is the ritual. It’s a big deal to meet someone for the first time. First impressions matter. Clothes, grooming, conversations are all rehearsed and thought about long before the event.

When we go online are we thinking about this? What do my photos, my values, my interests look like – are they the best representation of me? What will be the first impression I give to the thousands of others who will see me?

I encourage you, if you are an online dater, to think about this. After all if you were out and about and meeting people face to face, what efforts would you go to to make a great first impression?

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