We believe in love as more than affection;

it’s a spiritual energy that drives the universe to be better and for people to be happier in life and their relationships. And we believe that you deserve to be a part of that.

We’re an intimate service designed for you to understand yourself intimately, so ultimately you can find yourself within an intimate relationship. The process can begin or end with you online, but it’s the journey between, face-to-face, where the magic happens.

How we do it

The Way Forward: You Before Them

Knowing what you want in a partner comes from knowing who you are and what you’re looking for, before you go searching. The process of stripping back the layers of our individual makeup allows you to learn, to accept and to love ourselves, before we can find a partner we love, too.

The Platform: Integrity and Trust

In a relationship, integrity goes beyond shared interests and values. It’s about trusting each other, respecting each other’s privacy, and openly communicating with one another. We apply these same foundations to the way we work with our clients, always with the highest integrity.

Our Methods: Biography is our Biology

Traditional personality and capability tests have been done, as has solely human-scientific lens to matchmaking. Instead, we do things differently, drawing on techniques you would expect and blending them with those you wouldn’t.

Modern Alchemy

Based on Myers Briggs Personality Test, we use Majors Personality Type and Elements to provide more detail and help us understand any barriers to becoming the best version of yourself. We then work to develop your values and realise why you are looking for a relationship, using relationship assessment techniques based on neuroscience and scientific theory.

Ancient Wisdom

There are some things modern day science can’t account for. The stories we hold in our minds and emotional bodies that can’t be seen or touched, but we know they directly affect our behaviours, our physical presence, our feelings. From ancient Greek and Roman studies and tantras, to reiki and charkras, our conclusions draw inspiration from them all.

We approach our work with respect for the health and wellbeing of all our clients, both mentally and physically, physiologically and spiritually.

When Modern Alchemy meets Ancient Wisdom, it helps us to understand each of our client’s true-selves, their paths walked and their possible journey forward.

“I’ve heard it said, when a partner dies, ones heart is broken. In divorce, the heart is shredded. Divorce and separation are common facts of life today, and many people are affected by relationship breakdowns. Some people recover well and quickly. Others get stuck in a pattern of resentment, anger, uncertainty, and abandonment. Most of us carry the hurt and trauma of past relationships and breakups into the next one - without stopping or knowing how to regain balance and confidence. At The Dating Lab, we work to heal past these wounds and prepare people for moving forward in life and love.”

Bernie Beyer. Matchmaker. Mentor. Listener. She-wolf.


Bernie is a professional matchmaker and champagne sipper. Having studied at the Matchmaking Institute of New York and holding a Masters degree in couples and relationship therapy, Bernie has a learned understanding of dating and love.

Developing her own scientifically-based processes, Bernie helps you meet yourself, before helping you meet the one. Because whilst Bernie has explored the path of ancient wisdom and read the love fables scattered throughout our world, she walks in the real world, too.

As Sting would say - Every Little Thing She Does is Magic.