You’re here for a reason.

Maybe you’ve loved and you’ve lost. And misplaced yourself in the process. Maybe it’s been a while since your last date or you just want to avoid last time’s mistakes.

We're here to help.

There’s no cookie cutter for a relationship, so we don’t use one to help you find the one. That’s why every client starts with a one-on-one discovery session with Bernie. Our process and service-package options are designed to suit you based on your individual relationship readiness. And whilst we have packages containing a set of high-level steps, each question we ask, each technique we use and each story we unfold, is individual for every client.

The Process

Connection via reflection. It starts here.

Using a combination of human science and self-exploration, you’ll finish with a blue print for life and love.

The real kind, not the swipe-left, swipe-right kind:

We’ll take you through what research says about love and the brain, and explore what modern relationships look like.

Your exes, sexes, food and family:

Through modern personality assessment and other ancient techniques, you’ll begin to understand the balance between masculine and feminine energies in your own body, then explore your past and present, and what that means for you and your future relationships.

It’s about more than liking the same TV show:

Starting with a questionnaire based on scientific theory, together we’ll realise your values as an individual and a partner, what you really want in a relationship, what you don’t, and if you’re ready.

There are scarier things in life than dating:

Build the skills and confidence to go find what you’re looking for, whether that’s online or in the real world. So you’ll be able to actually enjoy dating. And more importantly, avoid jumping to conclusions about people you meet - online or offline.

The Start Up is ideal for those wanting to build more confidence, understand connections, and learn how the dating world works, and how they can make it work for them.

Set yourself up for something better and date in the real world.

It goes a little something like this:

Starting Over With Elemental

Beginning with our Elemental: Start Up Package, we help you bring all the founding elements together to help you realise the best person for your relationship; you.

You Live in Reality, They Live In Reality, We Talk in Reality:

Across a minimum of three face-to-face sessions, with in-depth personality profiling and relationship style assessments, we’ll do more than profile you; we’ll profile them. Working side by side, we’ll be there to coach you through as you go out and find your other half, with realistic strategies, goals and expectations.

The DL Little Black Book

Become a member of our private and secure database, full of other singles looking for their other halves. If we find someone out there, we know we can find you in here. There are no guarantees, but no added fees either.

Meet, Greet, Date.

This package includes invitations to our exclusive and intimate social events, where you can meet others looking to live happily ever after, too.

The Right Angle

Online dating is less taboo than you think. So is taking your profile picture to match your dating profile. We’ve got some great photographers at discounted rates to help you take a photo that’s just right for you – and your other half. Because let’s face it, mirror selfies should be reserved for 16 year old girls only.

The Set Up is package is ideal for those recently separate or divorced, recovering from past relationships and experiences, looking to start over and start anew.

From full self-discovery to actual introductions, you’ll walk away knowing exactly who you are and what that means for your other half. You’ll also walk away with a few one-on-one dates, too.

This package includes everything listed in both our Elemental and Catalyst packages.

We actively look for a match, offering ongoing coaching and at least three matches in 6 months. We tell our clients that we can always find more, but we also tell our clients we don’t think they’ll need it.

The Fix Up is ideal for those who want to discover themselves and discover their other half.

It’s easy to lose confidence after ending a long-term relationship. Or to feel anxious about dating - especially if the last date you went on was so long ago it involved a Melways to get there.

We encourage anyone and everyone to join The Dating Lab, no matter your date of birth, sexual preference, or what walk of life you’ve wandered.

Skype appointments are possible. Payment plans are available for Catalyst and Alchemy.

The Real Stories: